PLUS - Black & White Tapestry Wall Hanging
120cm x 125cm Plus - Wall Art | Cascade Street Studios

PLUS - Black & White Tapestry Wall Hanging

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A great addition (get it?!) to your space. 

A minimal design that will complement any space. Made of 100% cotton canvas, complete with golden grommets for seamless hanging. The ideal affordable art for renters. 

This piece boasts lengthy dimensions, truly earning the classification of affordable large art. If you're looking for a statement art piece, we've got you covered. 

Embellish your space with this bold screen-printed art piece. On sale now for a limited time. 


  • 100% natural cotton canvas

  • 2 golden grommets for seamless hanging 

  • Delivered ready-to-hang, FREE delivery in Australia 

  • Art dimensions: 125cm (L) x 120cm (W) 

    Designed in Australia, our large wall art is screen printed onto heavyweight (#thicc) 100% natural cotton duck canvas with two golden eyelets to make hanging seamless. 

    Give or take some shrinkage in production, these pieces are bloody huge and designed to be that feature art piece that you've always wanted. Our art is screen-printed with varying textures, so no two prints are exactly alike. 

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