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We don't lie when we say we make big bloody art. This proves true for our collection of hanging tapestries. Our tapestry wall hanging pieces feature modern Australian designs and bold contrasting colours- the perfect combination for any statement art piece. 

Our tapestry wall art collection features designs that celebrate the beauty of the female form (HANDS + LEGS), and the undeniable strengths of creatures from land and sea (JAWLINE + EL TIGRE). As for minimal art and modern artworks, we have designs suitable for most spaces (PLUS + THE BLOB). 

All tapestry sizes are large enough to fill an entire wall, so be sure to check the measurements before you order your Cascade Street original artwork. 

Each piece is designed in-house at our Sydney art studio and screen-printed onto heavyweight 100% cotton duck canvas fabric with golden eyelets. These wall tapestries are delivered to your door, ready to hang. 

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