How to wash a tapestry

So you've purchased a one-of-a-kind Cascade Street Studios tapestry. Well done you! As you might know, our tapestries are made from 100% cotton canvas. This means they're extremely durable, breathable and moth-resistant. The perfect material doesn't exis.... 

However, we understand that sometimes accidents happen and your tapestry might need a little loving to take it back to the state it was in once it arrived. Read on to learn our top tips for taking care of your tapestry. 

Washing off dirt and marks 

For washing dirt or marks off (on the non-black areas), we recommend being very careful and spot treating with a gentle laundry soap bar, gently working into the stained area. Here's one we found at our local Coles that should do the trick: 
Coles Sunlight Laundry Soap
Be sure to give the tapestry a good shake beforehand, because if there’s any dust on the tapestry, it could accidentally be rubbed-in and cause more damage in the next step. 
Lastly, remove the soap & dirt with a damp, clean cloth- making sure to remove all soap. You might need to dampen to cloth as needed until you get the results you want. We recommend air drying your tapestry after this step.

Removing wrinkles and folds 

To remove wrinkles, you can iron your tapestry on the highest iron setting- but we’d advise you put a towel or thick sheet over the art to avoid any burn marks or marks from the iron rubbing off.

Freshen up your tapestry 

For an extra sense of freshness (and to add a bit of fragrance to your space), spritz with a safe, nontoxic fabric spray that adds scent while removing odour! Be careful not to over-saturate the tapestry as you want to make sure it dries nicely, without staying wet too long. 

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We want to make sure that you proceed with caution on all of the above steps, as we’d hate for anything to happen to your art in the process! If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us directly!