How to hang wall art

Although seemingly simple, there are a few things to consider before hanging up that new wall art you've just purchased. Regardless of if you've found the perfect wall, you might still be asking yourself, "how the hell should I hang this thing?" 

Here's a step-by-step guide with a few clever ways to decorate and add some flair to your space with wall art. 

Option 1: Command Hooks 

If you're renting your place, these guys are probably already your best friends. If you're keen on getting your bond back after you leave, we'd suggest this option. 

When using command hooks, it's important to first choose a product that will hold up the weight of your art. We recommend looking into the more heavy-duty velcro option, as this will leave no doubt in your mind that your tapestry or framed print is hanging for the long-term.

However, for our tapestries, we'll admit we've used the smaller hooks that support around 1KG and we've been fine. Use your best judgement here and weigh your art for the best sense of clarity. 

**PRO TIP** Make sure to wipe the wall with a cotton ball or paper towel that has been lightly soaked in rubbing alcohol. This will clean the wall, making it even stickier. Make sure the wall is completely dry before proceeding. 

Follow the instructions on the command hook packaging, pressing the hooks to the wall for around a minute. Don't hold back here! We'd recommend waiting overnight before hanging your art on the hooks. Believe us, you want the hooks to have optimal "sticking" and setting time! 

Option 2: Magnets 

This option is more for those looking to achieve a gallery-style floating look with their wall art pressed taught, hovering above the wall. Not to be used with framed art. We chose this option in our home for one of our unframed prints and it looks damn sexy. 

First you'll need to buy a pack of magnets. We found a 5-pack of self-adhesive magnets at our local Bunnings for around $12. Once you've got your magnets, you'll need to measure out where you want them stuck to the wall/your art.

Get the help of a mate, where one of you holds up the art and the other marks small dots (in pencil) on the wall where you'd like to stick your magnets. Once you've spaced everything properly, stick on your magnets. 

Your art is now ready to hang! Place your art over the magnets on the wall and add another magnet over each spot (on top of the art print). They're quite strong so there should be no problem bringing them together. 

And ta-da! You've got yourself a fancy new piece of wall art on display.



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Option 3: Hammer and Nail

** If you're not renting or you're using your bond as a "creativity deposit", this option might be for you!** 

This option would best suit our hanging tapestries or framed prints. Both collections arrive with hanging features (golden eyelets & framing wire), which make sliding the art onto the nails all too easy. 

    First, choose where you'd like your first nail to go. If you're hanging something of fabric material, like our tapestries, think of the look you're going for. Do you want your tapestry to be loose and drapey, or do you want it to be nice and taut? Once you decide this, measure the distance and get ready to place your second nail. 

    We recommend using a level, or a friend with good judgement, to help you make sure the nails are at an even height on your wall. 

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