5 tips for choosing living room wall art

The living room, the lounge, the sitting room or maybe just that room filled with Gumtree-purchased furniture where you and your mates gather before a night out. Whatever you refer to it as, the living room is a pivotal space in any house- that could probably use some art! 

We get it- there are multiple factors that play into how you choose to decorate this space. However, we urge you not to shy away from purchasing art because you think attractive wall art is too expensive. There are plenty of affordable art options available for you to choose from! 

So while you wait to win the lotto, here are our top tips for how to choose wall art for your living room. 


Yes, we've all heard this one before, but when it comes to art, we believe this stands true! There's nothing more eye-catching than a piece of large wall art. 

Not only does a large piece of art command attention, it creates impact and a sense of personalisation. It can also help make a small space appear larger. So why not go big or go home- in your home! 

Tapestries are a great choice for large hanging wall art, as they can be bloody huge whilst still being affordable. 

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Did you know that colour can affect your mood, emotions and energy levels? In fact, colour can do more than just that! It's been proven that colour can affect heart rate, metabolism and eyestrain. All this goes to say, choose wisely when adding colour to your space. 

Vibrant warm colours are inviting and can inspire confidence and intimacy. Choosing these colours in your dining and entertaining space is a wonderful option. In contrast, cooler and natural colour tones can bring peace to a space, creating a relaxed mood. 

Colour can also be used to help enhance the size of your space. A space with light colours for example, tends to feel more spacious and airy than one with darker tones. Whereas, warm dark colours absorb the light and typically make a space feel smaller and cosy. 

When it comes to adding life to your space, choosing bold and bright colours, like orange and pink, can add a sense of energy, whilst muted and neutral tones can add a sense of calmness. 

We recommend any of our vibrant abstract prints if you're looking to liven up your living room.  


Art comes in all forms, but when it comes to your living room, we think hanging art is by far the best choice. By hanging art on the walls, you create a gallery-like effect and avoid over-crowding the room.

An obvious tip, but keep the art straight and securely attach your work to the wall- no lopsided frames! 

Another common mistake people make is hanging art either too low- making it feel like the walls are caving in, or too high- disconnecting it from rest of the interior. Try hanging art over a couch or dining table, keeping at eye-height to create a sense of balance in the room.  


The living room is a public space within your home, so why not give the people something to talk about! Rather than painting your walls a crazy colour or buying interesting and expensive furniture- pick a piece of art that commands attention, whilst complementing your personality and style. 


Large wall art that makes a statement doesn't need to come at a high price, people! We're here to tell you that art can look expensive, without actually having a price tag to boot. At Cascade Street Studios, our art is affordable, yet doesn't skimp on quality or style.

All of our pieces are tasteful, yet evoke different vibes depending on what you're after for your space. Check out our collection of large framed photography, framed prints and large hanging tapestries.

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